Company Profile

The company name "AIRPHO" is made up of two parts, namely "AIR" and "PHO", meaning "phoenix flying in the air."
It implies that the company will be growing rapidly and long-lasting with great vitality.

AIRPHO, an innovative network solution provider, offers a wide range of new generation network devices to support smart home entertainment and modern business operations. To make network accessable for everyone, we have been striving for the best combination of good quality and good price, so that all people, families, and business can be “always connected”!

At AIRPHO, we are dedicated to bringing innovative network solutions that best understand and satisfy by providing high quality products with competitive price, outstanding performance, stable connections, and easy installation. We believe great network experiences would improve people's life satisfaction and empower business for greater success. With AIRPHO products, you can freely relax and enjoy your life, or better concentrate on your work without distractions caused by poor network connections.

  • Vision:

    To be the most trustable brand for networking users worldwide.

  • Mission:

    To make people's networking life easier and more comfortable by providing, cost-efficient, robust-built networking devices.

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G Zone, 3/F, Building 1, Baisha High-Tech Park, No. 3011, Shahe Road West, XiLi Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China